Colwyn Yeats, expert yachtsman and veteran of the war in Afghanistan, is all set to spend his summer working towards his PhD aboard the university's research vessel, but the trip is cancelled at the last moment, leaving him at a loose end.

Fortune arrives when an old college pal appears, and Yeats agrees to act as skipper and navigator on a transatlantic voyage the man and his two friends have planned for the summer.

Misfortune arrives when he is found alone and without identification on a rocky shore amid the wreckage of the boat, and wakes up in a rescue helicopter unable to see, and suffering from amnesia.

Who is he? Where does he come from? He doesn't know, and the authorities can't find out, so what is to be done about him?

Genre: Psychological thriller

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John Theophilus Potter and the

Smock Alley Theatre

Set in the last quarter of the 18th century, this is a novel about an Irish gentleman, Theo, who rebels against all he has been brought up to be, and becomes an actor with the famous Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin. It is a tale of adventure, love, tragedy and humour, and is a fictional prequel to Theo's life in Haverfordwest.

Genre: Historical picaresque novel

Published in Kindle edition, April 6, 2012. Also in paperback. ISBN 978-0-9572104-7-9

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Connell O'Keeffe & The Pen Caer Legacy

It is 23rd February, 1797; the French have invaded Pembrokeshire, and the young and handsome actor, Connell O'Keeffe, is on his way home to Ireland from Haverfordwest. Unaware the enemy have invaded Pen Caer, he passes through Manorowen just in time to witness an event that is to change his life. Mistaken for one of the Irish Republican rebels who had invaded along with the French, a ruthless renegade inflicts on him a horrendous injury, severing his right arm. Forced on the run, O'Keeffe must endeavour to regain his honour, prove his innocence, and come to terms with his disability.

Genre: Romantic murder mystery

KIndle edition published April, 2012. Also available in paperback. ISBN 978-0-9572104-5-5  £7.95.
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John Theophilus Potter and the Town of Haverfordwest

This is the story of Theo, who was born in Dublin in 1752, came to Haverfordwest, Wales, in 1778, and fell in love with and married a gentlewoman, Elizabeth Edwardes. By marrying his beloved Elizabeth, Theo has to abandon his career as an actor, which hitherto formed an outlet for his high energy and talents, and, coming from the sophisticated city of Dublin, is at a loss  to know what to do in Haverfordwest,  which does not have a theatre.

To him, satisfaction in life comes from achievement. His wife, however, fails to understand why he cannot be satisfied living a life of pleasurable  idleness like any other gentleman of means.
 He is a favourite with the county's elite who appreciate his ready wit and humour. However, his quest for fulfilment leaves his genteel Elizabeth forever wondering what he will do next, and, given his high spirits and boundless energy, it is usually something to leave her bemused, aghast, or in fear for his life.

Genre: Biographical historical novel
Kindle edition published April 18, 2012. Also available in paperback: ISBN 978-0-9572104-4-8.

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Connell O'Keeffe & the Spider's Web

The year is 1800, and in this second story about Connell O'Keeffe -- who now operates a stud farm in Pembrokeshire -- he wakes up one morning to find that one of his prized Arabian mares has been kidnapped, and is being held for ransom. When he sets off that morning to retrieve his horse, he does not know it will be an arduous four-month-long journey before he finally makes it back home.

Genre: Historical thriller

Kindle edition published June 2012. Also available in paperback. ISBN 978-0-9572104-6-2 £7.95

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